Services We Offer

We do almost any work that has to do with computers in general. From board level repairs to building custom computers. I will cover a few services that we offer and what it includes.

    • Virus and Malware Removal

When it comes to virus and malware removal, each computer is different. We don’t just remove the culprits, we take that extra step that keeps our customers, not only happy, but also keeps them as customers. Normally a Virus/Malware removal will take at least a full day. We remove unwanted services and malicious files. We scan the computer with several programs, each specifically designed to do a specific job. The stop services that start with the computer which makes the login process take a while. All programers think that the program they created is that special and you will use it so often that it HAS to start with the computer. While the program may be the best thing since C it doesn’t always need to start with your computer. We also clean and defragment the registry, making it more efficient. We also remove PUP’s (Probably Unwanted Programs), things such as Toolbars that slow down the speed of Web Browsers, programs that piggy back in on software you actually wanted. Temporary file removal. The coup de grĂ¢ce being a spit & polish, and lowing out of any dust that has been sucked in by the cooling system.

    • Spring Clean

A spring clean, is just it sounds like. We make sure that your computer is fully updated, check that the anti-virus software is loading without errors and is fully updated. Clean out your temporary files and registry, a bit of spit & polish and blow out any dust.

    • Operating System Installation

Is exactly as it sounds.We reinstall your computer from scratch, if you have a factory image we clean out all the trial and useless software that is bundled with new computers. Install only free, or free to use without time limits, software and make sure that she has an anti-virus installed.

    • Circuit Board repair

This is the good stuff. Our technician can work from the board level up, including PowerJack repair/replacement, laptop screen replacements, possible updates to laptop hardware which includes possible CPU and GPU if the laptop can take such an upgrade.

    • Installation of new hardware

Some times you don’t know how to do things, or you would prefer someone to do it for you. Looking for an upgrade but unsure which way to go first, or what the options are with your old hardware, call in and see us. Advice, like a computer diagnosis is always free.

To name but a few.