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Dale Bass

My first computer was an Apple II, since then I have been using Windows based computers. Right now my main computer is a Windows 8.1 based computer. It’s a gaming computer, so it has high specs, and runs like a Bat out of hell thanks to the Solid State Drive (SSD) that Windows runs from.

My work history includes 14 years at Office Depot. After my long tenure at Office Depot I left as the Tech Manager. I have also worked for Tiger Direct, when it was named CompUSA. I have worked with people my whole working career, regardless of the company I have worked for from All About Computers Etc. to Verizon.



Chand Gough aka The Limey

I only got into Windows computers when I was around 20. I decided to treat myself to a new toy. It was, at the time it was purchased, a good computer. Here are the original specs:

  • Intel Pentium @ 450MHz
  • 128MB RAM (2x64MB)
  • 20GB HDD
  • NVidia Graphics card with 16MB RAM
  • Network Peripheral Card with Coaxial and RJ45 connections
  • Windows 98
  • 2.1 Speakers
  • PS2 Keyboard & Mouse
  • 17” CRT Monitor

I thought this thing SCREAMED! After having a circular conversation with several people at the manufacturers over the phone, about how I cannot download the drivers for my modem, because I can’t get online (they honest to god, did not get it), I had an old friend come down and help.

The next few years were fun. I learned about Linux and Unix, Apple OS, and Windows. I got a CD Writer, not cheap lol. I installed a second HDD and quad booted my computer between 3 versions of Linux and Windows. I just wanted to know everything and anything. After my phone bill, and other expenses had been paid, all the rest of my money went to Baby #1. I finally put her to rest when I moved to FL.

After I moved to FL, I started my schooling. I was glad I wasn’t the oldest in the class. I got an Associates and Bachelor’s degree in CIS (Computer Information Science), with a focus on Program Development. I then followed that with a Master’s degree in MIS (Management Information Science), with a focus on Project Development (where the big bucks are). I never got the building and repairing bug out of me though.

While my work in Unix and Linux have gone by the wayside, I can still work in them. My personal computer is a MacBook Pro. I admit it, I love Mac’s. I own an iPod Touch (Gen 4), iPad (Gen 3), my Mac Mini I donated to the store and sold it. It was a PPC G4 with 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD. I won’t ever own an iPhone though, not that they aren’t good. But, I tinker; Android lets you, Apple says “HELL NO!” I also have a 2008 Mac Pro, Dual Quad core Xeon CPU’s, 16GB RAM that I do Apple work on at work.

You never stop learning with computers. Not a day goes by when I learn something new. My current library contains IT books ranging from Social Networks (I did my Masters paper on Social Networks and Personal Privacy), Windows Server 2003 and up, Linux BASH and various other Linux books ranging from bare bone servers to building media servers and other useful servers. Virtualization, Active Directory, SQL, even a few Dummies guides.